Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why are you only selling Thankful Turkeys this year?

Tens of millions of Americans are unemployed and food banks are experiencing demand like never before because of COVID-19. We believe that Everyone Is Family, and this year more than ever, everyone deserves a joyful Thanksgiving. We also moved our Thanksgiving business entirely online, and we needed to streamline operations. The journey continues after 70 years! 


What size turkey is the Thankful Turkey?

For Thanksgiving 2021, all Miller Farms Thankful Turkeys are 10-12 lb


Where are your turkeys from?

We partner with other third and fourth generation family turkey farms to source the highest quality Certified Human ®  turkeys in the country. You can learn more about our turkeys here. For Thanksgiving 2021, our turkeys are sourced from fourth generation family business, Koch Turkey Farm in Tapaqua, Pennsylvania. 


Why is there only one size turkey this year?

Having one size turkey allows us to provide you with the best overall experience, as it streamlines our operations, packaging, shipping, and variable costs during a year of heightened uncertainty. 


How many people does your Miller Farms Thankful Turkey (10-12 lb) feed?

Best practice is ¾ lb - 1 lb per person, so our turkey serves up to 12 people. If you want ample leftovers, you should plan for 1 ¼ lb per person. Enjoy! 


Who is receiving the donated turkey and how are they being donated?

For 2021, we’re partnering with Connecticut Foodshare, our local Connecticut Feeding America food bank, to distribute our turkeys to families in need in the Greater Hartford area of Connecticut. Connecticut Foodshare distributes nearly 12 million meals to 118,000 people annually. We are donating turkeys to Connecticut Foodshare based on sales, with a minimum of 2,500 turkeys committed. 


Can I give more than one turkey?

Yes! In our shop, you can add-on “Give a Turkey” to your Thankful Turkey or purchased them independently and we will get them to Connecticut Foodshare.


Will you sell out of Thankful Turkeys?

For Thanksgiving 2021, we have 2,500 turkeys available and we will donate 2,500 turkeys to Connecticut Foodshare with each turkey purchased. It is very likely we will sell out, so please get going and get gobbling!


How will my turkey be shipped?

Our turkeys are shipped flash frozen to ensure health & safety via UPS two day-shipping. Our insulation is plant-based by Vericool with dry ice to preserve quality. 


When will you deliver/ship my turkey and will COVID-19 affect your ability to do so?

All Miller Farms turkeys will be shipped and delivered the week before Thanksgiving. All turkeys not being delivered in Connecticut will be shipped via UPS with 2-day shipping. For more on delivery and shipping, check out our Shipping page.


Where can the Thankful Turkey be shipped?

For 2021, we can ship to the continental United States (sorry Alaska and Hawaii). You can review our shipping policy here.


How do you recommend we cook our Thankful Turkey?

Check out our favorite recipes here!


Will there be a Miller Farms Thanksgiving tent this year?

Because of COVID-19 uncertainty, we will not be hosting our annual pop-up holiday tent this year after decades of fun. We will only be selling the Thankful Turkey (10-12 lb) online for Thanksgiving 2021. Thank you for your understanding!


Will pick-up be available?

All turkeys will be delivered locally in Connecticut or shipped via UPS the week before Thanksgiving. Pick-up is not available for Thanksgiving 2021 because of COVID-19. You can review our shipping policy here.


Are you selling any Turkease this year?

To streamline our Thankful Turkey, we will not be selling any Miller Farms Turkease™ in 2021.  


Are there nuts in the turkey or does the farmers process nuts?

There are no nuts in the turkey and our turkeys were not raised and processed in a facility that processes nuts.

How can I help you spread the Thankful Turkey word?

Love this. Thanks for asking! Please go here to see the top 5 ways you can help.